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From a long history in Paper Procurement and complimented by an enviable background of printing and converting, Sustain Paper looks at the shifting market demands with a point of difference.


With our parent group boasting a trading history in excess of 37 years, Sustain Paper has invested both time and resources over the most recent years to develop commercial strategies and a solutions-based approach.


Beyond simply the supply and sourcing of the most applicable Paper and Packaging raw materials – our Corporate Goal is to integrate that source with the sustainable demands and expectations of a maturing market.


Degradable, Bio-Degradable, Recyclable, Compostable and even Bio-Plastic are not just buzz words of the current genre in procurement they are the expectation of many consumers and suppliers and the guarantee for the future.


A hands-on approach to the sustainability of the product in design, market application, converting, post-consumer use and ultimately the disposal and breakdown are now seen as mandatory with most packaging products.


This is ever more prevalent in Food Packaging, as the world established new norms for the integration and the daily function of the Circular Economy.
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The Right Choice


Since 2017, our procurement and end-of-life assessment on emerging
technologies and products, has allowed for the commercialisation and “real-world” application of validated products.


Products that have been developed and complianced as fit-for purpose.


Products that don’t just talk to targets and demands – products that exceed targets and set demands.


Sustain Paper has an enviable supply network – with cutting edge products approved to recognised Global Standards and International Certifications including
Sustain Paper


Our mission is to provide responsible and sustainable paper and packaging solutions.


Solutions that allow for choices to meet market demands, environmental compliance and the future of our renewable existence.


The Circular Economy is now, the choice to support it is not our challenge, but our legacy to own


Sustain Paper supplies the latest in world-leading paper raw materials that are available today. Providing a wide range of materials and products to suit your needs and those of your customers today and into the future.


-Not sure what product best fits your demand?
-Received a brief from a client that is outside the current scope and performance standards?
-Looking for a solution that isn’t ever going to link you or your client to “greenwashing”?


Call us – we are here to help
When it needs to be: – free of Fluoropolymers and PFAS, PH Neutral, Tasteless, Odorless, PE and PP coat-free, ensured barriers against water, water vapour, grease, oil, oxygen and aroma, you can be assured that one of the Sustain Paper range will be the logical choice.


Barrier ONE, Barrier ONE Plus, Nature ONE and Nature ONE Plus all offer unique solutions to your specific needs.
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The Circular Economy

Our Future Choice


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